Instructions for visiting L'Olivar and the Crypt

Visiting the Crypt is just like going to the theatre, a concert, the cinema, a museum, a temple, a religious ceremony, etc. You must be prepared to accept its liturgy and enter with a willingness to engage in an experience in a unique place and time. It is important to read the artistic report and watch the video on the realisation process and the sculpture garden at the Fundació l’Olivar.

The visit will last between seventeen and twenty minutes. For the visit, you will be required to:

  • You will need to take off your shoes and come in with thick socks that you will take from home.. This is to ensure silence, as well as respect for the space and for other visitors.
  • Turn off your mobile phone (forget that it exists during this short span of time).
  • Not take photographs.
  • Remain in absolute silence throughout the tour from the entrance to the exit.
  • Not throw coins into the water.
  • Use the handrail at all times when going up and down the stairs.
  • Children under ten are not permitted to enter the Crypt (except as part of a family group of at least twenty people) and children aged between ten and fourteen may only visit in the company of their parents or guardians.
  • People with physical disabilities must notify the foundation of this by email two weeks prior to their visit so that the appropriate logistical support can be put in place.
  • The services are located next to the bar-restaurant (blue porch)
  • During visits there is no bar service


Dates and times

Special timetables for Girona High Season
During the last 3 weekends of October, the Crypt and the Olivar can be visited on Saturdays at 12.00 and 17.30 and on Sundays at 12.00. During these 3 weekends. There is no need to form a minimum group to visit it, but the maximum will be 35 people for each visit. The sculptor Enric Pladevall will welcome visitors and describe the project to them. The tour lasts about eighty minutes in total. 
Maximum punctuality and following the liturgy explained on this page is requested.

You can now get tickets for these dates
IMPORTANT don't forget to bring thick socks from home.

L’Olivar is open from the second week in March to the end of November

From March to May:  Only Fridays and Saturdays at 12 noon and at 17.30; and Sundays at 12 noon

June, July, August and September: friday an saturday at 18.30 or 19.00 

October afternoon 17.00  and November afternoon 16.00



The Crypt meets all safety and security requirements: emergency door, lighting, etc. The entire project has been certified by a qualified engineer and has the necessary building permits issued by Ventalló Town Council. The building work was carried out by highly skilled construction professionals.